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between 1.4 Ga mafic magmatism and granulite facies metamorphism in the lower ... The Thumb are moderately foliated felsic granulites, and a xenolith from.

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Granulite is a high-grade metamorphic rock in which Fe-Mg-silicates are . with <30% mafic minerals (dominantly pyroxene) may be called felsic granulites.

(a) Hand specimen of felsic granulite sample Z7-14-5 showing .

(c) Thin-section PPL photomicrograph of felsic granulite Z7-14-5 showing small, subhedral garnet grains enclosed in a corona of cordierite (pinite), biotite and.

Thin section sketch of felsic granulite, showing mineralogical .

Thin section sketch of felsic granulite, showing mineralogical evolution in relation to fabric development. Porphyroblastic garnet (Grt 1 ), occurring in a mosaic of.

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A sample of granulite-facies metamorphic rock of felsic composition, with garnet porphyroblasts. Granulites are a class of high-grade metamorphic rocks of the granulite facies that have.

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